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Whether you need a strategy to solve the issues keeping you up at night, or already have a strategy and need to deliver on it - our team has worked with lots of brands over nearly 2 decades of strategy development and strategy deployment.


Brand strategy determines the ideal state of your brand, specifically articulates it and creates a step-by-step roadmap for achieving the desired state. This work will answer the questions: How can we be differentiated and compelling to our core customers and those we want to attract? How can we position ourselves to drive competitive advantage? What products, services and customer experiences can we create or improve that will create profitable growth? And, what is feasible for us to implement that will deliver the greatest return?


Strategy Deployment


You've got a strategy, now what? The best strategies are meaningless if they are not systematically executed or don't engage the hearts and minds of your employees.


Brand Engagment


We map the touchpoints your business has with its key stakeholders and create relevant, unique and compelling customer experiences. We work with your team to make the case for change inside your business teams and equip and motivate employees to understand your strategy and actually deliver on it - in a fun and engaging way.


Brand Management


We then help set your organisation up to be brand savvy for the long term, weaving it into your culture and the way you do business.





The Top FOUR Things a Brand or Retailer Can Do to be Successful in Any Environment


1. Be clear on what your brand stands for

Branding is a process and there are steps you can take to determine this.

2. Execute consistently across all touchpoints Your consumer encounters your brand in many ways and in many places – remember, it’s about more than your product, it’s about the experience they have with your brand.

3. Use all branding platforms and play off their strengths (retail store, website, social media, publicity, paid media) 

They all work in different ways and working together can create momentum for your brand.

4. Establish an emotional connection through storytelling This will make your brand memorable and will set you apart.

The focus of Operational Excellence goes beyond the traditional event-based model of improvement toward a long-term change in organisational culture.

“People still are the critical factor in an organisation’s success. As personnel numbers shrink, it’s more power in fewer people’s hands”

“Martin encourages an operational excellence initiative that yields strategic and sustainable results. Performance Management is the process that translates strategic initiatives into measurable objectives and goals.”

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