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I focus on delivering results by getting hung up on the process of getting them.


By applying strategic thinking in a creative manner, I ensure an understanding of the business and market context in which your business challenges exist.


My problem-solving approach is then more focussed, ensuring a greater business success rate.


what makes it so good ?


The rigour of working in large blue-chip organisations applied within the freedom of a small independent consultancy creates an environment ideally suited to cracking difficult problems.


I approach each project and client with an open mind and a bespoke process - however, I only ever judge success by your results.


how do we do it ?


I will focus all my energies on your tasks at hand, rather than be distracted by others demands - this means that I get to focus on the work I love while you (our clients) get a much greater return.


This informal culture is what allows for strong

collaboration with my clients, thus helping me share the responsibility of your success.

“Organisations tend to struggle at selecting the right ideas and executing them in a way that maximises return - a lack of ideas is rarely an issue”


Martin Eggleston


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